JM Garments. is one of the leading export oriented garments buying houses / Agents in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The company was established in 2007.

JM Garments. has achieved substantial success in garments exporting field.
To fulfill the requirements of our valued customers, JM Garments has experienced and efficient merchandising team, production technicians and professional staff, Quality Inspectors, Pattern Masters.We have 8 associate garment factories having vast capacity of producing quality garments.

We organize in house training and discussions for all the staff and workers in order to achieve higher quality standard and production efficiency.

JM Garments.. is capable of taking any range of orders for Woven Bottoms (trousers, shorts,beggins & skirts) on FOB basis. JM Garments follows strictly safe work Safety Policy and international social and child labor compliance.

JM Garments. always welcome you and can provide you required samples. You may visit our offices and then we can show you our excellent facilities, and wide range of production.
With regards to our company info, more details are attached herewith.

Production Capacity : 200,000 Pcs a Month
Production Line : 20 Lines including our associate factories
Working Area : 70,000 Square feet
Annual Turnover : US$. 3 Million last year
Total Employee : 2,200 including our associate factories

Activities of different departments for JM Garments. are described briefly as under:

  • Marketing Executives receive enquires from the valued customers and forward quotations carefully to them. Due to increasing reputation, foreign buyers visit our facilities and place order directly. On each occasion, on the spot confirmation , orders are received.
  • Orders are booked and passed on to related department.
  • This department follows the L/C to be issued through Buyer's bank and proceeds after the shipment.
  • The Marketing Department headed by Managing Director coordinates with other Merchandisers & departments for quality goods and timely shipment.
JM Garments has a team of highly experienced R&D personnel lead by R&D Manager and independent & well furnished Sample House plays significant role in making Pattern, Consumption, Styling Sample, Size Sets, Photo Sample, PP sample, etc.
  • Receiving Order Sheet from Merchandisers, Sample Making House under RD Department makes suitable pattern and estimate required consumption of fabrics and related items.
  • Simultaneously, Pattern Master makes the pattern and after that Styling Samples are made as per the drawing, design and specification for Buyer's approval.
  • Interrelated Merchandiser sends by DHL Styling Sample to the Buyers for their comments, if any, which are followed strictly and attentively.
  • Then size sets and photo samples are prepared and sent to the buyer for immediate approval.
  • Subsequently, upon receipt of approval for size sets/P.P sample / photo sample, RD Department handover the final pattern / sample to the Quality Department to proceed for excellent production.
  • Order-wise, details of order sheet and Trim Cards are received from Merchandisers. Because of having various orders, data is maintained and followed specifically and separately.
The Merchandisers of the company plays direct indirect vital role with a Buyer for executing an order.
  • Having received order sheet from Buyer, Master L/C from Banking Department, and Style Sample from R&D Department, the Merchandisers proceed with merchandising.
  • The Merchandisers prepare technical sheet, Costing Sheet, accessories (Trim) booking sheet. At the same time, Merchandisers choose suitable factory wherein the CM (cutting & making) for the goods could be done to meet the shipment date.
  • They arrange to transfer the master L/C, collect Pro-forma Invoice from suppliers for required items.
  • On immediate basis Back to Back L/Cs (BBLC) are collected and handed over to suppliers for fabrics and accessories.
  • Collecting samples of fabric & accessories, the Merchandisers send them to the Buyer for approval.
  • As soon as the approval is received, the Merchandisers advise the suppliers to produce required total quantities as per specification and approved sample.
  • All details are forwarded to the Procurement Department and thus the Merchandisers carryout their responsibilities regularly and most professionally.

Additional facilities added to JM Garments:
It is worthwhile to mention here that due to increasing demand and continuous support rendered by us for our various customers around the world, JM Garments. has acquired a well equipped modern garments factory. which produces around 1,000 Pcs. of garments per day. Quantity of output varies at least 10% +/-depending on design. This additional facility will ensure to fulfill our commitments.
The Procurement Department of JM Garments Designs. arranges to get the supply of fabrics & accessories ready as and when needed. As such, they are cautious for the following:

  • The Procurement Executives receive Order Sheet, Technical Sheet, and booking sheet from related Merchandiser so that they can aware of the entire requirements for an order and shipment date.
  • According to the requirement, they receive Fabric & Accessories Approval Sheet and original swatch from associated Merchandiser. Collecting BBLC from Merchandiser, they follow the delivery date of goods.
  • Having received all related documents as mentioned above, Procurement Department extend intensive follow up and keep on chasing the suppliers for fabric & accessories to ensure that the goods must be delivered to factory store at least 10/15 days before the production of goods.
  • As per approved sample, fabric and accessories are supplied to the factory stores and in this connection inventory record is maintained and reported to the concerned superiors including Procurement Executive.
  • Order-wise 100% approved items are accumulated on a trim card in an excellent manner to be utilized.
  • For every order 4sets of trim cards are prepared which are submitted to the related Merchandiser for approval.Merchandiser retain two trim sets ( 1 for master file, 1 for QC) Procurement Department keeps 1 set, and 1 set is handed over to factory so that all related person can follow at the same time.


  • Quality Dept.receives final approved sample along with comments from Merchandiser and pattern from R & D Department.They also receive order-wise detailed file, trim card etc.
  • After receiving all documents, Quality Manager set a meeting for a discussion on PP(pre-production) meeting with GPQ Department & factory based JM Garments QC who discuss on (1) Styling matter (2) comments on Styling + SS + PS, proceeding with production method, Quality Matters, Shipment Schedule, QC matters, etc.
  • Production report handed over to Planning Department, and QC report handed over to head of the Technical Department with a copy to GPQ department.
  • After PP meeting and receiving all documents, comments from concerned personnel, QC will proceed for trial cutting according to color and size.
  • The Size Samples are indispensable to be washed as per related specification and requirement.On the result of washing, a meeting is held among QC, GPQ, and R&D Manager.
  • On the basis of inspection, discussion, suggestion, if everything is okay, R&D Manager advises for commencing final production under full time supervision of QC & GPQ.
  • When goods are ready inspected by Quality Auditor and acceptable they are packed for shipment.

Thus the team of JM Garments.. works carefully to fulfill commitments.

JM Garments.. Assures Compliance,Reliability and Strong Support